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We can handle anything—as long as we have your 3 W’s: What, Where and When.


“I’d like a cut & color hair appointment”


“at Astra Hair Salon in Cambridge”


“for Friday after 12pm”


Ready to get rid of those
split ends?
We’ll handle it.


When was your last oil change? Doesn’t matter, we’ll


We can’t floss for you, but we can call your dentist so you don’t have to.


People in town that want to go to that place? No problem, we can handle that.


Let’s get physical!
Er… I mean a physical. Let us book your next doctor appointment.


House cleaners,
spa days, therapists, dermatologists, or appointments for kids!
We love it all!

Restaurant Reservations
Dental Appointments
Hair Cuts
Doctor Visits
Car Repairs
Spa Days
House Cleanings
Therapist Sessions
Dermatology Appointments
Pet Grooming
Pediatrician Check-ups
and much more!

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Questions & Answers
What are the operating hours of
You can text at any time! We actively operate Monday through Friday, between the hours of 9 AM and 5 PM eastern standard time. Any request made outside of those times will be taken care of first thing in the morning. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out at
When will text me?
After you sign up for, we’ll text you in a couple minutes. When you make an appointment request, our goal is to complete the task within two hours. Requests made during off hours will be completed within the first two hours of our normal operating hours.
Is an app or are you actually texting me?
Real humans are actually texting you (standard rates apply) through the phone system. It’s nothing crazy, we just thought this was the simplest way to handle your appointments.
How does choose which places to book my appointments?
If you don’t designate a specific place for your appointment, staff searches for the highest google rated location in your area that has your specified times available.
What else can do for me? can book any appointment or reservation for you that doesn’t require upfront payment. cannot make purchases on your behalf or run errands.
Do I still get charged if can't book an appointment?
Nope. If we are unable to book an appointment at the time and/or place you told us, we’ll let you know ASAP, and we won’t charge you a dime.
Does know where I am?
When you create an account with we ask for your zip code. We use that as a point of reference for booking appointments in your local area.

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